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The art I make is my way of understanding, appreciating, and sharing those things in my life that fascinate me, amaze me, comfort me, and sustain me. It’s a celebration of my faith, my Colombian-African American-Jamaican heritage, and the home from which I have grown and continue to draw nourishment. I work with paint, clay and fibers, allowing the artistic and material histories of Latin American and African cultures to inspire my visual language. The essence of all of my work is this: to learn and pay homage to the artistic traditions of my heritage while pushing the media I work with in new directions and using it to speak about my contemporary experience, that of a young, female, American artist with a rich and varied heritage and an entire world inspiration  My explorations are consistent in all of the materials I work with, and each material and process informs another. 

Copyright © Devyn Leonor Briggs 2021
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